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Single Loop Controllers
Available in all DIN Sizes for temperature sensor or “process” signal input with relay contact or SSR drive or “process” output(s) configurable for control or alarm or retransmission..
Multi-Loop Controllers
Unitronics PLCs with integral HMI (text or graphic color touch screen) and on-board I/O that is expendable utilizing external I/O.   Included is an integrated software program for HMI and I/O with complimentary upgrades and “lifetime” factory technical support.
Sensor Assemblies
Application specific assemblies to measure Temperature (ThermocoupleRTD)  ; Pressure ; Flow ; Electrical Signals (Current or Voltage or Phase or Frequency) ; Rate ; Position ; Level ; Humidity 
Transducers / Transmitters
Measure all the above parameters and output a “process signal” or  accept an unconditioned sensor input and output a “process signal” and/or digital signal for remote monitoring/recording
Digital and Digital with an Analog Display meters for temperature sensors or AC/DC electrical signals.  Options include output(s) for alarm and retransmission ; communications for remote monitoring/recording.
Power Handling Devices
Solid-State Relays – Finger-Safe Panel Mount (Hockey Puck) or DIN Rail Mount (with integral Heat Sink) ; SCR Power Controllers ; Contactors in Mini and IEC configurations – Circuit Breakers compliant to UL 489 and UL 1077 ; Electro-Mechanical Relays
DIN Rail or panel mount for AC (Volts or Amps or Frequency or Phase) ; DC Current or Voltage ; three phase Power ; Ground Fault Detection
Single or multiple input Strip Chart and Circular and “VideoGraphic” (electronic display with memory) Recorders ; optional control/alarm outputs or scaling for “Engineering Units” or communications
Controllers Sensors
Transducers Meters
Power Devices Monitor Relays
Recorders Timers & Counters
Energy Management

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